Tuition fees and other costs for University of Waikato College

Here you will see an overview of the latest tuition fees, accommodation fees, and other costs for international students wanting to study at University of Waikato College. It is compulsory for all students to have full medical and travel insurance for the length of stay in New Zealand.

Find out how to pay your fees.

Undergraduate preparation programme fees

ProgrammeCourse lengthFees 2024 (in NZD)
Certificate of University PreparationOne Trimester$12,123 (international students only)
English Language
Certificate of Attainment in English Language (CAEL)
10-week blocks$5,880 per block
Certificate of Attainment in Academic English (CAAE)10-week blocks$5,880 per block
General English
Study for a minimum of three weeks to six months. Pay for four weeks and get the fifth week free.
Full Time
(23 hr per week)
$515 per week
General English (part-time)Part Time
(15 hr per week)
$380 per week
ProgrammeCourse lengthFees 2024 (in NZD)
Foundation Studies (Accelerated)
(February, June and October start)
One Trimester$12,740
Foundation Studies (Standard)
(February, June and October start)
Two Trimesters$25,480
ProgrammeCourse lengthFees 2024 (in NZD)
International Diploma (Business)Three Trimesters$30,096
International Diploma (Computer Science)Three Trimesters$31,839

Postgraduate preparation programme fees

ProgrammeCourse lengthFees 2024 (in NZD)
Diploma in Postgraduate Preparation – Pre-Masters (DipPP)Two Trimesters$27,784

Additional costs

Additional costsFees 2023 (in NZD)
Student Services Levyup to $950.00 per year
Homestay placement fee$410.00
Homestay – 3 meals per day$301.00 per week
Halls of Residence Placement Fee$550.00
Halls of Residence Activity Fee$100.00
Halls of Residence Linen Pack (optional)$105.00
Halls - fully cateredup to $430.00 per week
Auckland International Airport – shuttle transfer *$150.00 one way
Travel and Medical Insurance$750.00 (based on 12 months cover)
Under 18 Designated Caregiver Assessment Fee$200.00
*Only applicable to standalone English programmes

Living cost

Full fee paying overseas students must have funds and prepare evidence to be submitted to the Immigration New Zealand that they have at least NZ $20,000 for a full year of study or NZ $1,250 per month to stay in New Zealand.

All tuition fees quoted are based on the current year tuition fees and are subject to change for future years. The fees quoted are based on a paper basis calculated over one year of study (1 full time EFT unless otherwise stated).

The estimated tuition fee is to enable you to pay your tuition fees in advance as required by Immigration New Zealand for visa purposes.

The actual tuition fees that you will be required to pay at enrolment are calculated based on the individual EFT value for each course you enrol in. Fees are set by the University Council. Alterations to the papers you take, acceleration of your academic programme or repetition of papers will result in an increase or decrease in the estimated tuition fee. Further information on international fees and domestic fees can be found on the University of Waikato website.