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With more than a quarter-century of expertise, the University of Waikato College stands as a pioneer in delivering distinctive and specialised English language programmes to international students. Our offerings cater to a diverse range of learners, with some enrolling in established English language programmes and others benefiting from personalised language learning experiences tailored to their unique needs. 

Our immersive educational environment extends beyond the classroom, offering groups the opportunity to engage in enriching extracurricular activities, weekend excursions, and enlightening talks by local community experts.

About the programme

Our programmes are a captivating journey that unveils the geography, history, peoples, and rich culture of New Zealand. During your time with us, you'll embark on exciting adventures, including visits to renowned Waikato landmarks like the Māori cultural experience in Rotorua, the enchanting Waitomo glow worm caves, and idyllic beachside towns in Coromandel and Raglan. You'll also have the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in traditional arts and crafts such as wood carving, bone carving, and flax weaving.

Here's what our programme has in store for you:

Guest Speakers and Engaging Lectures: Immerse yourself in New Zealand's vibrant culture through captivating guest speakers and insightful university lectures and seminars.

Local Business Insights: Get up close with local businesses through interactive talks and engaging field trips that provide real-world insights. 

Global Connections: Forge connections with both local and international students studying at the University of Waikato, fostering a diverse and enriching experience.

Active Lifestyle: Participate in an array of clubs and sports activities, including traditional Kiwi pastimes like rugby and swimming.

Specialised Learning: Dive into specific topics, such as sustainability or New Zealand culture, gaining a deeper understanding of these subjects.

How to apply

To find out more, contact the team at, or by phone on +64 7 858 5600.

A minimum of ten students applies.

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